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Ariadne's thread on hate speech and pornography is organized around a series of events that occur at a fictitious university called Midwest U. Each event is discussed by six characters. Click on the BEGIN HERE link to go to the first event. Then continue on to the 'discussion' of related issues. The discussion is carried on by six speakers: Ann, John, Fred, Malik, Vera, and Dee. Each has a different view of the ethics of hate speech. You can work your way through the discussion by clicking various links. There will be four kinds of pages for you to look at:

The important thing to remember is that the pages with the gold bar are the main thread to follow. If you leave the main thread, be sure to return and continue.

At the top center of each discussion page is a short title that indicates the name of the speaker and the subject discussed on the page. Below the topic is one or more links that can be used to look at other pages.

If you choose to look at one of the related or source pages, you must use your browser to return to the discussion page you were on. If you don't return to the discussion page, you cannot continue along the main thread of arguments.