Verbal Harassment
(Ann Speaking)



I agree. The important thing is that we not define this outburst as something odd or idiosyncratic. In the 1950s and 1960s there were very few black students on this campus. It was relatively easy to be liberal. Today the number of black students is considerably larger. Besides that, the competition for admission is keen and we all know that the number of good jobs out there is limited. All of that adds to the pressure.

Among the white students there are some who resent the larger numbers of blacks. In some cases white students have crude stereotypes of blacks as less intelligent. In my view, there is plenty of racism just below the surface on campus. It's veiled, but its there. It came out Saturday in the form of verbal harassment, and that's how we should define the situation.

The outburst we saw after the game is the expression of the academic pressure, the competition for good jobs, and the resentment against the fact that there are more black students. These things are much more widespread than we admit. The frustration and anger are there - just waiting for someone or something to focus on.

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