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Dee Speaking
Professor Sidgwick asked me to list a few examples of contemporary questions that involve justice. I asked my roommates, and here are some of the questions they came up with:


  • Is the death penalty unjust?
  • Is affirmative action at universities unjust to white applicants?
  • Is the progressive income tax unjust?
  • Is racial discrimination in employment unjust?
  • Is a very unequal income distribution unjust?
  • Is it unjust that some people cannot afford to buy health insurance?
  • Is a society unjust if it allows great poverty?
  • Is there such a thing as a just war? (Was the Second World War unjust? Was the 2003 invasion of Iraq unjust?)

I think that all of these would fit into the categories that Professor Sidgwick listed. I was wondering whether they all had something in common, but I don't know.

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