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Ariadne's thread on ethical relativism is a dialog among a group of students at a fictitious university called Midwest U. The dialog is facilitated by Professor Henry Sidgwick, a visiting professor from Cambridge University in England. In addition to Dr. Sidgwick, the discussion involves several students: Ann, John, Fred, Ayesha, Vera, and Dee. Each has a different view on ethics in general and on some of the issues involved with ethical relativism. You can work your way through the discussion by clicking various links.

 There are three kinds of pages for you to look at:

The important thing to remember is that the pages with the gold bar and the light yellow background are the main path to follow. If you leave the main path, be sure to return and then continue along the path.

At the top of each discussion page is a short title for the page. Beneath the title is the gold or gray bar that indicates whether you are on or off the main thread. Beneath the gold or gray bar is the name of the current speaker. 

On the left side of each discussion page there will be one or more links to speakers, comments, and sources. Use these links to navigate through the discussion.

At the bottom of the discussion pages is a footer with links to the Ariadne home page, the bibliography, glossary, the ethical relativism home page, the ethical relativism table of contents, and a page of links to related sites.