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 Professor Sidgwick Speaking

Current speaker I've been thinking about our group. There are eight of you now. I'd like to try something new.

Let's break up into smaller groups. Each group can work together to present a broad point of view. But you can also present the different opinions that are found within your group. So you can still put forward your individual points of view.

I would like Dee and Elijah to work together presenting libertarianism. Fred and Diego will present conservativism. Ann, John, and Vera will present a modern social liberalism. Ayesha and Fred will present a Catholic point of view. Fred is the only one of you in two groups. I did hat because I know that he is a good conservative but also a serious Catholic.

I know that there are differences between the people in these groups. Dee and Elijah agree on some things and disagree strongly on others. But, first of all, that simply reflects the real world. Not all libertarians or all conservatives or all liberals agree on everything. In fact, they disagree among themselves on lots of things. So we are simply reflecting the reality around us. And, secondly, I have to admit that working together in groups will make it easier to manage the discussion.

I am asking each group to organize their presentation so as to include the following:

  • Fundamental concepts

  • Fundamental principles

  • Major arguments supporting their principles

  • Ideas about distributive justice and property

  • The application of your ideas to at least one current problem such as poverty

While each group is making their presentation, you can all jump in with questions and criticism. Just make sure you don't go so far afield that the group can't finish its presentation.

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