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Professor Sidgwick Speaking

Good morning! Here we go again.

Today I want us to do something a bit different. Up to now we have talked about specific issues like justice or property. You have all expressed your views. Today, I want each of you to start trying to bring his or her ideas together. For example, I want Dee to try to put forward a broad, coherent statement of her libertarianism. I want Ayesha to give us an overview of Catholic social thought. And so on.

Our country includes all sorts of people with different views. I want us to try to lay out several of the main packages of ideas that characterize our crazy quilt culture. Try to imagine our group here as a microcosm of the whole United States. I hope that our discussion can reflect a national discussion. Try to think of yourselves not just as individuals with certain views, but as representatives of larger groups: conservatives, liberals, evangelicals, and so on.

To add to the diversity of our ideas, I have asked two new people to join us. Let me introduce Diego and Elijah. Diego is from Guatemala and has come here to study political science. Elijah is from Detroit and is working on a graduate degree in sociology. I asked them to join the group because they have views that are somewhat different from the rest of you. Diego is an Evangelical Christian and Elijah describes himself as a left-libertarian. They will tell us more about that as time goes on.

I have also asked Ayesha to talk with each of you and then give us a very short description of what each of you believes.

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